2017 Teachings (A Bible Teaching Church)

2017 Teachings (English & Español)

2017-12-31 "Recuerda y Olvida: Remember & Forget" Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-12-17 - "Blessing Others this Christmas" - Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-12-17 "Bendicion a los Demas esta Navidad" Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-12-10 - "The Blessing of Christmas" - Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-12-03 "Conversations with Jesus about the Sabbath" Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-12-03 "Conversaciones con Jesus sobre el Sabado" Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-11-27 "Conversations with Jesus about Gratitude" -Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-11-26 "Conversaciones con Jesus sobre la Gratitud" -Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-11-19 "Conversations with Jesus about Prayer" - Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-11-19 "Conversaciones con Jesus sobre la Oracion" -Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-11-12 "Conversations with Jesus about an Alternative Government" Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-11-5 "Conversations with Jesus about God's Kingdom" -Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-10-22 "Conversations with Jesus about Evil Spirits" -Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-10-15 "Conversations with Jesus about Spiritual Authority" - Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-10-08 "Conversaciones con Jesus sobre la familia" Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-10-1 "Conversations with Jesus About His Return (Pt.2)" - Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-09-24 "Conversations with Jesus About His Return" - Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-10-01 "Conversaciones con Jesus sobre su segunda venida" -Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-09-17 "What to do When Disaster Strikes" Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-09-03 - "Conversations with Jesus About Money" - Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-09-03 " Conversaciones con Jesus sobre el Dinero" Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-08-27-"Conversations with Jesus about Marriage, Divorce, and Co-Habitation" - Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-08-13 "Jesus Talks About Forgiveness (Part 2)" -Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-08-06 "Jesus Talks About Forgiveness" -Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-08-06 "Jesus Habla Sobre el Perdon" - Pastor Dennis Penton

Bi-lingual service - you may listen to 2017-07-03 on the right.
2017-07-30 - Guest Speaker Jonathan Carey : Invitado Jonathan Carey

2017-07-23 "Jesus Speaks About Our Neighbors" -Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-07-23-Jesus Habla Sobre Nuestros Vecinos - Pastor Dennis

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2017-07-02 "Conversations with Jesus" - Pastor Dennis Penton
2017-07-02 "Conversaciones con Jesus" - Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-06-04 "Jesus Talks About True Worship" by Pastor Dennis Penton
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2017-05-28 "Jesus Speaks About Excuses "A Tale of 3 Blind Mice" Pastor Dennis
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2017-05-21 Conversations with Jesus; "Never Limit the Lord" - Pastor Dennis
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2017-05-07 - Guest Speaker Deanna Shrodes
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2017-05-02 "Transforming My Relationship with God" Pastor Dennis
2017-05-02 "Transformando Mi Relacion con el Senor" - Pastor Dennis

2017-04-23 "Freeing Your Mind" Pastor Dennis Penton2017-04-23 "Libera tu mente" Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-04-09 Guest Speaker Pastor Damon PhillipsNo Esta Disponible

2017-04-02 "The Power of the Word" Pastor Dennis2017-04-02 "El Poder de la Palabra" - Pastor Dennis

2017-03-26 "Never Give Up!" - Pastor Dennis Penton2017-03-26 "Nunca Te Rindas" - Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-03-19 "Protecting the Oppressed" Pastor Dennis 2017-03-19-"Protegiendo a Los Oprimidos" - Pastor Dennis

2017-03-12 "Taking out the Trash" -Pastor Dennis No Esta Disponible

2017-03-05 "Spiritual War & Other Distractions"-Pastor DennisNo Esta Disponible

2017-02-19-"The Power of Partnership"-Pastor Dennis2017-02-19 "El Poder de la Alianza" -Pastor Dennis Penton

2017-02-12-"Rebuilding Broken Lives"-Pastor DennisNo Esta disponible

2017-02-05-"Transforming My Relationship with God"-Pastor Dennis2017-02-05-"Transformando Mi Relacion con el Señor" - Pastor Dennis

2017-01-08 "How To Really Improve Your Life in 2017" Pastor Dennis No Esta disponible

2017-01-01 "This New Year, Focus" -Pastor Dennis   2017-01-01 "This New Year, Focus" -Pastor Dennis                              


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