What is this for? 

A Faith Promise will go towards the paying off of the 5-acre land on 200th St. & 147th Ave and it’s meant to be a 6 month commitment starting Nov. 2022 - April 2023.  We are receiving faith pledges for 2023 now.

What is a Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise is a commitment or vow to give a designated amount above your regular tithe (Eccl. 5:4-5)

​How can I know what amount to give?

What you give should be an amount you feel God is leading you to give, and that you will believe for.  This pledge comes through prayer and faith. christian church Christian Church in Miami

Who participates in Faith Promise giving? ​

Everyone! At least everyone who considers this to be their home church and the place where you are spiritually fed.  Also, anyone who wants to help reach this community or support our vision.

How can I participate with my limited income?

The aim is for everyone to sacrifice equally, not give equally.  Most people can give more than they initially think by simply getting a little creative.  Here are some ideas:

  • Business owners, consider giving from your business profits.
  • Start that side business you always wanted.
  • Pay off your high interest credit cards and loans and give what you would normally pay them.
  • Live simply or downsize or reduce entertainment expenses.
  • Sell your surplus stuff!  Anything of value can translate into extra donations. If you’re in sales, pledge to give certain amount over your baseline goal.

Land Payoff Goal


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Faith Promise FAQ 

We are a Bible teaching Christian Church, please know each dollar you give supports the efforts to make a real and meaningful difference in this community and to current and future projects abroad.  Whether you’re a member or visiting friend we’re grateful for any amount you can give.  We'll gladly send tax-deductible receipts at beginning of each year for donations given in previous year.  

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