• Serving/participating in our monthly PHCC-WOW gatherings

  • Attend seasonal Women's conferences

  • Supporting and leading many of our missions projects

  • Teaching Sunday School and being part of our Greeters Ministry

  • Leading and disciplining younger women

  • Supporting local outreach Community Service programs such as CityReach Ministries.                                

WOW (Women of the Word)

For 2021 the PHCC WOW Ministry will be lead by our own 4 amazing women!

​Ima Herrera

Yanny Santos-Acevedo

The PHCC-WOW vision is to encourage women to fulfill their destiny.  WOW strives to connect and minister to women so they can be all God called them to be, whether in her home, workplace or community.  We have monthly and special events throughout the year, designed specifically to connect women to our Lord and to each other.  Our women are wonderful part of the church and they also serve and nurture through: 

Loni Mbele

Audrey Hylton